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About the Park

Shogun Green Town

The total planned area of the town is about 3.27 million square meters, including about 1,862,500 square meters green land and squares, accounting for 57% of the total land use; about 74,200 square meters commercial mixed land, accounting for 2.27% of the total land use; and the research office and residential supporting facilities, which are mainly located in the core area of the town, the research office space covers an area of 208,900 square meters, accounting for 6.39% of the total planned land use; the residential supporting facilities is about 79,300 square meters, accounting for 2.42% of the total planned land use.

Shogun Green Town

With six hundred years history, the Shogun Mountain had always been the emperor’s favorite fengshui treasure land. The area where the green town of the shogunate is located had been recorded since the Ming Dynasty. There are countless historical and cultural celebrities wrote poetry for this area.

Technology + Culture + Tourism

The town is located on the south side of the Yanyan Riverside Scenic Area in Nanjing, which is surrounded by six scenes of “Forty-eight Scenes of Jinling". The splendid ecological landscape in the area contribute to a featured town of “technology + culture + tourism”.

Red brick culture area

There are two industrial heritage sites within the town, which are Nanjing Shuguang Machinery Factory and Nanjing Mining Machinery Factory. The original red brick characteristics formed a unique appearance.

Functional positioning

The Shogun Green Town plans to adopt the “government-funded, social operation” model, taking the new-generation information technology as the leading industry. In the region of 3.27 million square meters, it is committed to creating a unique “green” new industrial base with ecological gardens.

About Us

We create a healthy good life.

Jiangsu Wecreate Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. is a service company integrating sales and service. It is located in the shogunate town of Gulou District, Nanjing. Based on the concept of big health service, combined with the networked marketing management model, we constantly provide with high-quality products and high-grade services to help customers build healthy life with relevant consumption concept.
WECREATE launched the WeChat Mall, which involving nutrition, health, travel, and study abroad programs. Our business covers the Grade a Class-three hospitals in Nanjing and community hospitals in Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi and Taizhou. We have more than 5,000 provincial chain pharmacies and individual pharmacies. At the same time, we cooperated with hospitals and launched projects such as genetic testing to provide comprehensive services to customers.

Team Size

Pharmacy Business Scale
The province covers more than 5,000 pharmacies;
OTC Pharmacy sales staff of more than 280 people;
More than 10 kinds of diabetes treatment drugs;
Professional Pharmacy after-sales service app software.

Community and Tri-Armour Hospital
Business coverage of the province of the city community grass-roots hospitals;
In each of the junior hospital sales team more than 40 people;
The entire Department of Business coverage, as well as professional business investment capacity.


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